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You are Probably More than One Color

March 7, 2015
Cinta Aveda Blog

Foundation Color Splats

The biggest question asked when looking into your next makeup purchase is “What color should I get for my foundation?”

I love this question since there are so many mixed blood beauties out there these days. It is a valid question, making the makeup companies work harder to cover and include all the various combinations that are skin today.

My immediate response is you are probably more than one color! No one is one solid color anymore. Some of the higher end lines might find something that is very close to being a one-stop shop for matching your skin tone, but if you are having a hard time finding your skin tone, you might need to mix. This is not a problem! It is a beautiful solution to show off your stunning skin and makes you a complex eye-appealing visionary.

First step in deciding your skin tone is to look into the mirror with a fresh clean face. Make sure you are in natural light if you can, if not, just take into account what tone your lamp’s bulb is and maybe even the color of the walls bouncing its own color onto you and your skin. Back to your face, what do you see? Under the surface do you see more red or pinky tones, or do you see more yellow or green tones? This is hard for some. You might see both.

If you see red or pinky tones, you are on the cooler side of the spectrum. If you have yellow or green you are on the warmer side of the spectrum.

Okay, now flash-forward: you are at Sephora in front of some makeup line that you have been yearning to try. Find a color that is as close to that “one stop shop” color. Does it not match perfectly? Is it too dull or ashy, then maybe you need a little something to boost it up. Look a few shades over from what you chose. Take a pea-sized bit and mix it with your first choice. Make sure it is in the tone you need: reds or pinky or yellow or green. It’s a game of trial and error. That is why it is so important to play with the makeup before you buy. I would suggest going to Sephora or another store with a wide range of makeup lines that allow you to play with samples.

When you are matching to find your color, you want to take into account what color your décolleté is as well. The worst thing to see is a floating head; your face doesn’t stop at your jaw line. It is very important to blend all the way down past your jaw and onto your neck. If you find that you might need to mix to find your perfect blend, remember the makeup lines try their hardest to get close, so you will only need a little bit of each to find your perfect blend. You can be more of one tone than the other, which has its benefits since it will last longer and make your purchase worthwhile.

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