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The Yoga Espresso and its 12 Movements

May 22, 2015
Cinta Aveda Blog

sunlarge (2)For some, shots of espresso are the daily necessity. Although a white mocha or an americano are delicious, they can be harmful when consumed daily. Try an alternative method of gaining energy like the “Yoga Espresso!” Most people know this pose as a sun salutation followed by more simple poses that flow together. Follow these 12 movements to get your daily jolt of energy:
1) Stand tall, feet hip width distance apart.
2) Inhale through nose and raise hands above head.
3) Exhale while diving upper body down towards feet.
4) Inhale, raise half way, exhale lower back down.
5) Step or jump feet back behind you, inhale.
6) Evenly lower body to ground, exhaling as you lower.
7) Pull upper body forward into a cobra-like position as you inhale.
8) Enjoy a few breaths here.
9) On your next breath push body up into downward facing dog.
10) Inhale, exhale. On your exhale, step or hop feet to meet hands.
11) Inhale slowly, one vertebrae at a time. Raise hands above head.
12) Exhale, bring hands to heart center.
Next time the body is in need of caffeine or energy, take a few minutes for your body. Breathe in and out, and honor the wonderful Earth and yourself. It is a natural and healthy way to gain positive energy that will help you get through your busy schedule.

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