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November 17, 2013
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Coming from private school K-8, a pretty relaxed bay area high school and SFSU for college my standards for teachers may be a little high. I’m very used to have teachers who are relatable and understanding. Who don’t just see this as “another job” but actually care about what they are doing. And the teachers at Cinta Aveda did not fail. In some ways, the teachers I’ve been lucky enough to have and learn from here were the best part of my whole experience. Right from the beginning I felt comfortable to go to my teachers with problems or questions I had whenever needed. In the higher phases my teachers would show little tricks that really helped be excel at whatever I was learning. Their product knowledge really helped my sales numbers improve and confidence grow in all my services.
The education I received at this school was without a doubt the best. I not only learned what I need to pass my state board exam but so much more to take with me into the industry. The teachers here have even helped with non-school related things. They’ve mediated conflict situations between students, and checked up on me when I had missed school due to illness. These are things you don’t get anywhere else.
They say “Those who can’t do teach” but that truly isn’t the case with Cinta Aveda’s staff. Every teacher I have had is an amazing stylist and I feel truly blessed that I have gotten to learn from and gotten to know them.
Around Cinta Aveda Institute Campus; Image by Jeffry Raposas

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