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The Christy Effect

March 23, 2016
Cinta Aveda Blog

After the general Intro and our Esthetician course, we all wanted to know what would come next? Had we actually made the right decision?
The first day of the CIDESCO program, everybody was sitting quietly, with mixed feelings; a little bit scared but, at the same time, excited about the future. I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared. On the other hand, the last few months had not been easy for me either. For me, had it really been worth it to move to this different country, where I barely knew anybody, to start a completely new life from scratch?
CintaAveda Faculty Portrait: Christy SwensonBeginning my CIDESCO Program and meeting my new Teacher meant a lot to me. And there she was, crossing the room—a little person with beautiful golden curly hair and a great aura telling us straight in the eyes, “My course will not be easy guys. I’m Christy and you better learn, learn, learn…” She has both style and beauty. And she shines inside and out with her beautiful jewelry.
A deep silence fell in the classroom and her eyes started probing deep into our souls. Then I knew a whole different journey was about to start!
The next days, weeks, and months have been amazing—pure wellness for my mind and for my soul. Knowledge has begun to grow in me like in a hungry dog: I never stop asking questions and every day become more aware of the amazing teacher we have in front of us. She is not just a teacher she is an inspiration.
Christy gives us all of her knowledge, experience, comfort, straightness, and clarity, leaving no question without a good answer. She has opened an entire world to me, a world made of inspirational words and choices. She is somewhere between a kind mother and a severe father, always willing to listen to what we have to say and give us good advice.
She was our meditation in the morning and our anatomy in the afternoon.
I have to thank Christy for all of this and more, for letting me be inspired every day by the beauty industry, for letting me see the future with openness and clearness, and for helping me fall completely in love with the CIDESCO program. I know now, for sure, that I made the best choice for my career.
A teacher is not only a teacher, but a mentor. She will always be part of your life and will stay in your memories forever.
It is somebody who activates something in you—an energy that keeps you expanding your knowledge and inspires you to do, and be, your best.
Namaste…with love.

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