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Substituting Keratin Treatment for Relaxers?

November 14, 2014
Cinta Aveda Blog

Fashion is always changing and when fashion changes, hair changes too. They go hand in hand and why not? I know my hair has to match my outfit in order for the look to be complete. For so many years, women of ethnicity mostly, or those with unmanageable curly corse hair, have gone to a salon every six to eight weeks to get a relaxer retouch. They are scared to see that unmanageable natural texture.
For those of you that don’t how relaxers work, first you use a protective base, then section the hair and apply relaxer cream, smooth out, rinse, neutralize, condition, blow out, flat iron, and finish. And that’s just a quick version of it. And then every six to eight weeks you have to go to the salon for a retouch. And be cautious because relaxers may burn the scalp if they are left on too long or if you have a sensitive scalp. And remember: no shampooing or scratching at least a week before service.
Things are always changing. Relaxers are still very popular, but there is a new product on the block called Keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blow out. Let’s take a closer look at a Keratin treatment to figure out if it’s any better.
First you need a professional smoothing solution, anti residue Shampoo, deep conditioning masque, and smoothing serum. Next you’ll need to wash the hair with anti residue shampoo. Although it sounds crazy, the instructions say to wash the hair up to six to seven times to get it really really clean. And the hair has to be this clean so the treatment will stick. Towel dry the hair and then apply the anti frizz solution; depending on the length, you use half an ounce to an ounce of the solution. Next use an applicator brush and lightly apply the solution to one-fourth inch subsections. This is just like color applications except you’re using less product and you take a fine tooth comb and use it to comb solution through the hair. Repeat these steps throughout the rest of the hair.
Wow! So far this seems like a lot. But let’s keep going. It’s time to blow out the hair as smooth as possible to heat the solution. Next flat iron the hair and you have to use the flat iron to really activate the keratin solution. And with each subsection, you have to flat iron seven to eight times. You’re still not done yet. Now you have to apply the deep conditioning masque. The final steps apply smoothing serum and do a final blow dry and flat iron. Now you’re done.
Wow that was a lot of work, and after reading about keratin treatments, women still say they have breakage. So it’s up to you. Relaxer or Keratin treatment?

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