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September 6, 2017
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Biting Nails

Do you have a really bad habit of biting your nails? Does your manicurist go on and on about how damaged they are and how you need to take better care of them? Well, I feel your pain. I struggled with biting my nails and suffered from chipped dry nails and cuticles for years. It wasn’t until recently that I have taken better care of them.

For me, biting my nails was a way of dealing with stress and anxiety. It was easier to chew my nails down to the nub rather than to deal with my issues and nerves. It took a long time to beat my nasty habit of chewing them. I found a new way to deal with my stress through watching movies and spending more time with my friends. After spending time to rehabilitate my nails, I have found time to take better care of my nails, including trimming and filing.

There are plenty of ways to take care of your nail beds and cuticles to keep them healthy, strong, and looking nice. Here are five tips:

  1. Get a manicure: I know it’s a shock, but it’s important to have weekly nail maintenance to keep your nails strong and healthy.
  2. Wear gloves: When washing dishes, or being exposed to really cold temperatures, it is important to wear gloves to avoid having your nails become brittle. Then they will not chip as easily.
  3. Wear sunscreen: When getting your nails done, it is important to wear sunscreen on your hands and nails to avoid the LED light most salons use from internally damaging your skin and nails.
  4. Diet: adjust your diet to healthier foods, such as vegetables, fish (like salmon), and protein. These types of foods really help strengthen the nail and make your nails grow faster.
  5. Coating: always wear both a base coat and a top coat. Never skip one or the other. This process will help strengthen your nails and reduces the amount of chipping.

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