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How I Chose Cinta Aveda Institute

January 30, 2015
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Exactly one year ago, I was bored and not happy with my career. I needed something else, something that would make me happy by helping others.
Colombia, were I was born and raised, is a country where the beauty industry is always ahead and people want to look their best no matter their age, gender, or even religion. I’ve had the opportunity to always be surrounded by this amazing world, discover its beauty, enjoy its benefits, and finally see a lot of happy and satisfied faces after they get in touch with its magic.
After realizing what I wanted, the quest for the best training started. It wasn’t easy at first. I knew I wanted to explore a new country and, for the first time, live by myself. My options for this big decision were Miami, New York, and San Francisco; each of them had something special.
Miami is a city were beauty is a must, and sometimes it’s all about it. New York has it all: culture, beauty development, business. Finally, San Francisco is a city full of diversity, culture, beauty—more naturally focused than Miami—entrepreneurship, and of course, everything much more expensive than anywhere.
After doing my city research, I started searching for schools. This is when I discovered CIDESCO and the advantages of graduating from a certified school. For me, this was especially important because I am an international student on a visa and, with this diploma, I could work almost everywhere. Summarizing my options, considering the pros and cons, weighing the different variables and the infinite possibilities, the filters for my school research came down to: CIDESCO certified, schools that openly showed their esthetics program, exceptional comments on social networks from students and people that had visited the school for services, location, professionalism, and excellent job placement statistics.
I applied my filters to the list of schools that I was considering, reducing my list of 15 to just four schools: two in New York and two in San Francisco. Finally, I called each school. One school didn’t have permission from the government to issue paperwork for international student visas.
Before I made up my mind, I had the greatest opportunity of my life: I was able to travel to both cities and see by myself what I was going to pay for. Both schools in New York were great but what Cinta Aveda Institute had to offer was highly superior to everything else I saw. This school offers the whole package: very knowledgeable and experienced educators, real life experience with clients, recognition and professionalism in the beauty industry, amazing reviews on social networks, and a great location.
After being at Cinta Aveda Institute for almost five months, I am extremely sure I made the best decision. I am grateful for the knowledge I have received so far and I’m very excited for what is coming next with CIDESCO.

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