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November 16, 2014
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Everyone knows that the first day of anything can be terrifying. That was certainly true the first day at Cinta Aveda Institute. There’s the alarming sense of nervousness and the million things running through your head first thing in the morning. You end up skipping breakfast because your tummy is unsettled with the endless possibilities of what might happen. As you head towards Kearny Street, you feel a tug of doubt and questions begin to pop up in your head. Did I put deodorant on? Did I turn off the coffee machine? Did I choose the right outfit? Oh lord, please don’t let me be late.

If you didn’t react this way, congratulations! I know most of the girls, that are now my classmates and friends, had some level of this panic. It was the worst when we first entered 305 Kearny and saw each other all waiting for orientation to begin. As women do, we judged one another. I’m not going to lie: I thought some were mean-looking, some relaxed, and some inattentive. Others looked as sacred as I did.

If I could have given myself advice from what I know now, it would be:

  1. Prepare the night before.
    • This includes what you will wear. It took me an hour to figure out what I wanted to wear, even though it was in black, because I wanted to appear professional and trendy.
    • Make sure you have a note pad, pen, gum, and a snack in your purse or bag.
    • Exfoliate. I don’t need it, but it leaves my skin super smooth, which makes me feel confident.
    • Look up directions and calculate how long it will take to get there.
  2. Wake up an hour early.
  3. Listen to some upbeat music. Motown brings good vibes for the day.
  4. Do some light stretching. It invigorates the muscles and allows you to steady your thoughts.
  5. Eat breakfast. Even if you’re not very hungry, eat something light.
  6. Make sure to have fresh breath.
  7. Arrive five to ten minutes early.
  8. Smile.
  9. Don’t be afraid to begin a conversation with someone.
  10. Enjoy yourself.
  11. I hope these tips work for future students attending Cinta Aveda.

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