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Day Makers Movement

January 22, 2020
Cinta Aveda Blog

Holding Someone's Hand

Recently I learned about this new movement called “Day Makers”. It’s so positive and touching that I decided this is a movement I want to participate in.

Day Makers are people who perform intentional acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place. Day Making is to make a special effort to make someone’s day! Anyone can be a Day Maker. There are many ways that a person can do this.

In my field of work, I’ve learned just how important it is. I read an amazing story written by a cosmologist that touched my heart.

He had been doing hair for a client for several years. The woman came in and wanted a nice new hairstyle and that was just what he did. He explained that he had a little extra time and he wowed her. He made her feel special, but he was completely unaware of just how much that appointment had helped her.

She later wrote him a letter. She told him that the reason she had wanted an extra special hair style was because she wanted to look her best for her own funeral. She had planned on committing suicide the evening after her appointment with him. But the extra attention that he paid to her in that one appointment—just that small window of time—made her change her mind and feel that her life was worth living.

I get choked up every time I hear the story. It’s changed my view on every person that sits in my salon chair. You never know what people are dealing with at home.

Being a Day Maker to me has become a every day effort. If I can make someone feel special and look amazing maybe, just maybe, I can make their day.

As a cosmologist, we tend to constantly fight against time, to stay on schedule for the next client. But, if we can take a minute to go the extra mile, you may be making a huge difference in someone’s life—perhaps you’ll even save it!

You don’t have to be a cosmologist to make someone’s day. Anyone can participate in this incredible movement. I know that I will for the rest of my life.

When I make someone’s day, it feels amazing.

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