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Advice to New Cosmetology Students

March 27, 2019
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Finishing the last phase of my education here at the Cinta Aveda Institute, I realize that I’ve learned a lot. I have some advice that I think prospective students would find helpful.

As with any type of schooling, organization is key! For a cosmetology student, this could not be truer. Although you will be doing a lot of hands-on activity, you will still need to acquire or use organizational skills. You need them to keep your school kit orderly, your schedule on track. You need to be aware of deadlines and events and keep track of when you have to study for quizzes or finals.

Another piece of advice I would offer new students is to minimize absences. Making up the hours later on becomes a big hassle.

Also practice what you learn from school at home or on your downtime. Practice on doll heads or on family and friends. You will master the techniques you’re learning much faster if you practice at home as well as school.

Personally, I stayed motivated and excited about school and the beauty industry by keeping up on trends. Whether it be your favorite blogs, or watching YouTube tutorials, stay in tune with all that is going on in our industry. Seeing emerging trends will stimulate your creativity and make you want to experiment with your friends or clients. This will make you a better stylist.

Enjoy your schooling and your career.

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