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A Story About Acne

March 8, 2015
Cinta Aveda Blog

Acne is not only a disturbing and time-consuming skin condition, but it can also cause serious emotional and psychological effects. The main causes of acne include hormonal imbalances and genetics; and variables known as promoters include stress, medications, diet, and cosmetics among others. Acne does not happen exclusively to adolescents. It can occur at any age and is equally uncomfortable at age 13 or 50.

This is the story of a person that had acne when he was 29 years old. He briefly tells us how it felt before and after his treatment.

One day I was having lunch with my girlfriend and she pointed out that I had a greasy forehead. Initially I thought this was the result of sweat due to the stress of work. It was after this conversation that I realize that I had an acne problem which needed my attention. I began by asking friends and family for ways to resolve the issue.

Having acne raised signs of insecurity in many ways: I felt it was impossible to be really clean for a working environment. Additionally, having acne distracted me from being productive at work; instead, I was actively thinking about my skin condition and constantly checking if people around me were noticing my acne problem.

After several days feeling this way, I decided to book an appointment with an esthetician for a facial treatment. I had three sessions over the course of four months. There was some improvement in my condition but not nearly as much as I desired.

By searching on the web I discovered there are several grades of acne, each one requiring a different treatment. This analysis encouraged me to seek medical advice. After my first visit, I was prescribed a form of Retin A, although I was only required to take two pills per week. I experienced noticeable improvement within the first three weeks of my medical treatment. Today I am a confident person and I highly value the lessons I learned regarding my skin care routine.

This story teaches us a very valuable lesson on how to better address this difficult but very common skin condition. People experience things in many different ways and finding the right solution can sometimes be hard. In mild cases of acne, changing your skin care routine and having facials regularly can definitely improve your skin’s appearance. On the other hand, when experiencing severe cases of acne, is important to consult with a dermatologist. This fine line between knowing if you are experiencing mild or severe acne can save you time and money.

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