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How to Get Beachy Waves

Want to achieve beachy waves but don’t want to damage your hair with the high temperatures of hot tools? Beach waves can be easy to achieve with just …


Skin Care Myths

There are so many different skin care products, brands, and skin care treatments that sometimes the skin care industry can be overwhelming. Before you make choices when it …


How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Here are some tips and tricks for diffusing curly hair. First, shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo like the Be Curly Co-Wash and condition with either the Be Curly …

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Day Makers Movement

Recently I learned about this new movement called “Day Makers”. It’s so positive and touching that I decided this is a movement I want to participate in. Day …


Magical Relaxation

I’m sure I’m not the only one that finds myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the end of a busy week of work and school. I’ve explored different …

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